Energy Efficiency

Solar panel technology is one of the most rapidly advancing areas of the renewable energy sector in California. New manufacturing techniques, new materials, and designs drive the boundaries of panel efficiency every year.





Energy efficient Solar?

Designs and material can vary, nevertheless all panels serve the same function. With special materials, solar panels
develop electrons when exposed to light, and these electrons are then converted to electricity for your home. The efficiency
of solar panel refers to the measure of electricity the panel generates from light. Most panels fall between 9% and 20%
efficiency with the rest of energy lost is heat. In the end, the standard solar panel is efficient enough to be reasonably cost effective.

The efficiency differs between designs, and extremely efficient panels often come at a higher cost. Nonetheless, you’ll need to find the best value while considering the immediate and long-term priorities. To find out how much you can save switching to solar power, let the professionals at My Construction Group take care of it for you.

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